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Minochan Station

If you are in trouble, to Minochan station
"Minochan Station" is a "town station" for information dissemination and relaxation of shopping streets.Please feel free to drop in when you are troubled in the shopping area, want to take a break in the middle of shopping.We do a variety of services such as shopping guide at Mino shima shopping district, copy service and hand washing.

Efforts for safety and security

We are doing traffic safety campaign in Minoshima shopping district
In the Minoshima shopping district, in cooperation with the Minoshima Autonomy Council, we set up a reflective power column curtain (to reflect when the light of a car hits the night) to call the utility pole in the shopping street for traffic safety I will.To make it easier for foreign tourists who increase in recent years, they are also displaying in pictograms (pictograms) or in English.In addition, we are also using the logo mark of "Universal City / Fukuoka" (caring for everyone, friendly to everyone) that Fukuoka City is working on, aiming for a safe, secure and friendly city for everyone.

About AED installation place of Minoshima shopping district
In Fukuoka City, in order to promote citizen's lives and promote safe and secure city planning, in order to promote dissemination of AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) installation site and promotion of it in attracting facilities etc., AED We have established a registration system for installation facilities.We have set up AED in "Minoshima public hall" and "Fukuoka Bank Sumiyoshi branch" in Minoshima shopping district.

Fukuoka prefectural police's gimmick app "Mimamocchi"
Crime prevention application "Mimamocchi" was released by Fukuoka prefectural police.Please download from the official website below and enjoy safe and secure everyday from now on.In addition, police boxes near Minoshima shopping district are "Kiyokawa Koban" and "Sumiyoshi Koban".

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